ICE Asia 2014

We will be exhibiting at ICE Asia 2014 at the Shanghai Mart in Shanghai, China on September 17-19. This year's show for the paper, film, foil and non-wovens converting industry, has some great presentations lined up, from some of the biggest names in the Industry, demonstrating the latest in technology and solutions.

Our booth number is E09, stop by and visit us, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the unique needs of your application!

Click here to find out more details about ICE Asia 2014. 

Driving your business to innovation and growth

Thank you all for attending our Safety, Savings and Sustainability Webinar. Its always great to take the pulse of the industrial envrionment and engage in healthy discussion about the important issues facing your applications today.

Savings, Sustainability and Safety Webinar

We would love the opportunity to disucuss with you the ways you can Lower Energy Consumption, Reduce Fuel Costs, and Improve Production Rates in your process heating units.

Please join us Thursday, September 11 @ 10am EDT for a webinar presentation about the various monitoring technologies available for your application and how with the proper selection you can achieve savings, sustainability and safety for your industrial process.


5 Things You Should Know to be More Competitive in your Manufacturing Processes

As applications for new and innovative products are continually expanding, manufacturing is faced with added environmental regulations, as well as compressed margins to meet demand. Thus, plants must constantly drive to improve their competitiveness by streamlining their operations and reducing costs wherever possible. When industrial processes are designed with Energy Savings in mind, production, safety and cost efficiencies are all increased to create higher profits and better competitive positioning.

Summer, Safety, and a Webinar

This summer on InControl we focused on Safety. Beginning with the national safety month, when we discussed how to reduce risk in the industrial workplace and through our summer holidays, when we highlighted safe practices to be taken at home.

FM Approvals: Third party Certification

FM Approvals certifies products and services with a unique focus on:

Promoting Innovation in the USA

August marks a special time on our company calendar. It was this month in 1969 that our great company was founded. 

Our founding father, Mr. Schaeffer, had a vision all those years ago, to make the manufacturing world a safer place. He was dedicated to achieving this through the most basic of concepts; the quality and performance of his product and customer satisfaction.

NFPA & Reducing Your Risk

The mission of the National Fire Protection Association, “is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education.” 

They are the world's leading advocate of fire prevention and an authoritative source on public safety. By developing, publishing, and disseminating more than 300 codes and standards, they help to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks.

Is Your Workplace Super?

Every summer there is new blockbuster movie released involving a superhero.The titular character races to save the day keeping the general population out of harms way, restoring peace throughout the land. Unfortunately, in real life and in our industrial workplaces, there is no Captain America or Spiderman or even a Transformer to swoop in and keep us safe.

Safety Agencies: The CSB

Helping our customers to operate under the safest conditions is a core value of our company. We work hard to assess the unique risks of an industrial environment and create a safety management system that will help reduce that risk and allow you achieve the highest level of success. 

Following the codes, standards, and best practices set forth by the appropriate agencies is a key part of this process. Thats why its important that these entities are too being monitored. Should an accident occur someone needs to investigate the cause and recommend a corrective course of action.