Hello 2016.

The clean slate of the new year makes it the ideal time to make a firm decision to facilitate improvement in some area of your life or business.

Many businesses make resolutions, but when they don’t work, it’s often because the goals are impossible to achieve, the fixes that are needed can’t happen in a short time, or there are simply too many. Because the success rate for resolutions is so low, it would be wise to continually review your goals, examine what has brought success, and go back to the basics.

So let's do just that over the next couple months...go back to the basics of gas detection & solvent vapor monitoring.

First and foremost - Analyzers improve safety, economy and performance.

The purpose of a combustible gas analyzer is to provide early warning of an increasing concentration of combustible gas, before it can burn or explode. When monitoring industrial processes where combustible gases and vapors are normally present in significant concentrations, a fast and accurate measurement is essential.

An accurate analyzer does not reduce the margin of safety by giving false low readings, nor does it interfere with the process by giving falsely exaggerated readings. Because many processes can possibly lose control quickly, the analyzer must give an immediate alarm to allow time for effective corrective action. Industrial and legal guidelines have been developed which, when properly observed, greatly improve the safety of these processes.

Many practical issues arise in the process design and operation, which should be understood in order to obtain maximum safety, economy and performance.


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