One of our customers that manufactures solvents, polymers and intermediary chemicals, was looking to meet specific requirements set by the state for flare stack operation. The area of concern was measuring BTUs. The solution was a reliable & proven analyzer.

They needed to continuously monitor the BTU concentration of the flares to ensure greater than 200 BTU/SCF for compliance purposes and control of assist gas flow rates. The monitoring range was from 250‐2500 BTU/SCF. The company’s initial preference was for a Calorimeter type measurement with fast response and GC measurement only where additional gas make‐up information was required. 

They chose to install the CalorVal BTU analyzer on their most demanding application, knowing that if the analyzer could handle this it could handle others. The micro‐combustion technology of the CalorVal was compared to the thermopile technology of other calorimeters and it met and exceeded their expectations. 

To find out more details about using the CalorVal in this flare stack application read the entire case history.

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