Coil coating line managers report that they experience three basic problems in solvent vapor monitoring, we've discussed the maintenance and accuracy issues, now let's look at response time:

  • Response time is hindered by external sample lines and remote analyzers. 

Coil coating ovens typically operate at high temperatures, with some zones at over 800°F. This temperature range is needed to cure organic polymer coatings to their substrate materials. Solvents are typically vaporized in the early oven zones. At the same time, however, other materials are also vaporized: resins, plasticizers, additives, and other compounds. 

Most monitoring problems arise because these materials condense when the sample temperature drops. In ordinary solvent vapor monitoring systems, external lines carry the sample 20 to 30 feet to the analyzer.The oven atmosphere materials condense in the sample lines and in very little time, the sample lines, analyzer, and sample pump can become fouled and clogged.

The speed at which a sample is drawn from the process and reaches the analyzer's detector is critical. Long sample lines, lines with small radius bends or in-line sample conditioning filters, can induce dangerous delays.

So how can you minimize the sample transport time? By mounting a solvent vapor analyzer directly at the sample probe location.

Our PrevEx Flammability Analyzer mounts directly on the process duct without heat trace sample lines, pumps, or blowers, it shortens the sample path significantly. This radically reduces sample delivery time to an industry best, 1-second response time.

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