Turning the blog over to Debra Hall, our Director of Sales, for the next four weeks, with an application series on Competitive Displacement in Flammability Monitoring.

Part 1: Competition – No Monitoring at all!

When I am asked who our biggest competitor is, my first answer is, “no one”.  Our biggest competitor is that customers are not monitoring their %LFL/%LEL levels at all. They do not see the need.  They have been safe for years, so they do not feel compelled to change. 

These customers are our biggest OPPORTUNITY for growth! Not from a safety standpoint, but from a process improvement/energy savings standpoint. 

“We cannot control what we cannot measure”. Through measuring the flammability concentrations in their ovens and dryers, they can typically run more efficient and save money by reducing the amount of heated fresh air that they need to run safely. 

Here is a Decorated Paper Printing Case History of a customer that decided to save money by reducing their ventilation. To do this, they needed to ADD Flammability Analyzers.

In order to Reduce Ventilation and optimize the process, an analyzer is needed to ensure that safe conditions are still met. The analyzer should: 

  • Measure a wide range of solvents to keep production flexibile
  • Have a very fast response time 
  • Be fully heated to ensure minimal maintenance within the process environment
  • Be Fail-safe to ensure safety under all conditions

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