Control Instruments Corporation is pleased to introduce the AcuPro Infrared Process Analyzer. This addition is part of the company’s overall strategy to serve the customer with a complete line of gas detection equipment and provide a variety of technologies appropriate for many different applications. Its name, AcuPro, exemplifies the analyzers ability to perform accurately in process environments, specifically, relatively clean, low temperature, low concentration applications. These applications include, flexographic & rotogravure printing, pharmaceutical, coating, painting, aerosol filling, and many others. It’s suitable for single or select solvent ranges and can also be used for mixtures of solvents in processes where normal solvent concentrations are below 25% LFL.

The essence of the AcuPro detection system lies in its ability to perform accurately under the demands of the industrial environment. The analyzer was built on a robust and well-proven industrial analyzer platform. Its unique sample delivery system is heated, mirrorless, and free of moving parts. In addition, the multiple wavelength infrared detector allows the AcuPro to operate with linearity and with common response factors, while minimizing the need to continually recalibrate for different solvents. All this is accomplished without compromising safety, and in accordance with NFPA guidelines. It is also immune to poisoning and requires no oxygen for operation.

The AcuPro not only withstands the rigors of the industrial process environment, but performs accurately under them as well. Its mirrorless design reduces the effects of contamination on the optical cell and eliminates surfaces that fog, become dirty, and need to focus. All sample-wetted parts are heated, including the detector assembly, the optical cell, and sample probe, which prevent errors from process temperature changes and condensation of water vapor. In addition, the air aspirated sample draw system eliminates the need for failure-prone pumps. All of these features create an environment where accurate readings can be obtained and ultimately reduce maintenance and downtime.

The AcuPro has a fast response time; the entire system is less than four seconds. The assembly mounts directly onto the process ductwork, as close as possible to the sample pickup point, which allows the aspirator to draw the sample directly into the cell, accelerating response time. The AcuPro’s multi-wavelength detector enables it to detect more gases, including solvents like Alcohols, Acetates, Ketones and Aromatics. The AcuPro also incorporates 6 built-in relays to ensure that corrective action is initiated directly by the analyzer, enabling failsafe conditions. These system relays include warning, danger, fault, horn, calibration-in-progress and service needed. Other standard outputs include a 4-20mA analog output and an RS-485 serial port with Modbus protocol for digital access to all readings and settings.

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