Control Instruments Corporation has changed the name and look of its flame temperature analyzer, for lower flammable limit monitoring, from the 670 Series of Analyzers to the PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer. The change is part of the company’s overall strategy to create brand awareness, emphasizing the importance of preventative safety.

The new name, PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer, exemplifies the analyzer’s ability to prevent explosions and fires, delivering the highest degree of safety to customers world wide. There are four models of the PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer available, the SNR671, SNR672, SNR674, and SNR675. All monitor a number of common vapors and are unaffected by temperatures in processes as diverse as flexographic printing and ceramic kilns.

The essence of the PrevEx® detection system lies in its ability to perform accurately under the demands of the industrial environment. Its unique sensing flame technology has proven itself to be the most reliable in the industry, ensuring unmatched safety and ultra-fast response time, even when sampling a mixture of several different flammable vapors. In recognition to these exclusive features, the PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer has received Factory Mutual and CSA approvals, is CE labeled, and meets ATEX requirements.

The PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer keeps the facility, employees, and environment safe, while increasing productivity and eliminating downtime. It’s all inclusive design is easily installed and operated, which greatly reduces maintenance time. All parts are readily available and quickly replaced when needed, making servicing the analyzer fast and easy.

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