In preparation for our presentation at the CHEM SHOW in NYC (December 10-12) let's continue our conversation on the chemical industry. Last week we talked about the hazards facing a chemical facility and how to properly monitor them. This week let's focus on controlling those plant emissions.

It’s no secret that the chemical industry has become a major player in the global economy and with that comes some less desirable and often hazardous by-products that require a growing responsibility.  Even if the chemicals are not directly harmful, they can often be environmentally damaging. Strict limits are set for the emission levels of these different substances and the gas detection industry plays an important role in helping the chemical industry to not only meet these obligations but improve the overall safety of their facility.

There are a number of different technologies available and much advancement has been made in the gas detection industry, but it is still important to choose the analyzer or sensor that’s right for your specific application. The benefits from using these technologies are far reaching, from protecting your personnel and facility, to reducing emissions in the environment, and ultimately, increasing your productivity.

A great article published in Instrumentation Magazine's most recent issue gets into more details on this important concept facing today's ever-changing industrial environments.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!  

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