Many companies are concerned about the use of Hydrogen in their plant to operate LFL Analyzers. But did you know that Hydrogen has been used commercially for many years? Commercially, it is found that the safety record for hydrogen is excellent; there is no evidence to suggest that hydrogen is any more dangerous than other fuels of similar energy content.

Some of the current uses include: 

  • Ammonia produced from hydrogen for use in fertilizers and for reducing sulfur in crude oil.
  • The manufacture of electronic components and chemicals.
  • Food processing.
  • In hydroelectric plants to cool large turbine generators. This shows that hydrogen is safe to use in the vicinity of large ignition sources.
  • Approximately 2% of hydrogen is sold to outside customers. This means that rugged transport networks have been developed, consisting of large dedicated pipelines and liquid hydrogen transport in trucks.
  • Extensive use by NASA, both as a liquid rocket fuel for the main engines, and as an onboard fuel in space craft for creating electricity and water to drink using fuel cells.

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