Last week we raised the question of how old is too old for an LFL system, specifically is your system 15 years or older?

Between 1985 and 2000 many DataMax-based monitoring systems were installed in machines and processes throughout the world. At the time it offered many advanced features. But just as we find with many of the items we use everyday that were once at the peak of technological advancement, something better is probably available. In fact, as we turn the first few pages of the 2014 calendar, look around your homes and see just how many things you've upgraded since that time period. Every year a new technology is invented to make your life easier, safer or more productive. The same can be said for your LFL system.

Although the lifetime of the older analyzer system may span fifteen to twenty-five years, and we are committed to responsibly supporting all installed equipment for as long as we can, there are significant gains to be made now by establishing a clear upgrade path. Since the end of DataMax production, our PrevEx series of analyzers has established itself as a well-tried improvement with many added benefits, including:

  • Faster response time
  • Comprehensive on-board diagnostics & predictive maintenance 
  • Remote operator interface, with ethernet capabilities, for easy access & interfacing
  • Easy troubleshooting & installation

Initiating replacement of the older system can proceed at whatever pace is suitable for your facility. No matter what that pace is, a planned upgrade of your LFL/DataMax System will increase safety and reliability, reduce maintenance and down time, and ensure production efficiency well into the future.

Read on to find out more details about upgrading your DataMax to the PrevEx.

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