We've been talking about the 3 Key Challenges of Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment. First we addressed the need for a rugged & durable analzyer, then one immune to poisons & corrosives, now let's look at the specific demands for analyzer accuracy in these atmospheres: 

  • Most monitoring systems are calibrated to measure one specific substance and must be recalibrated when exposed to another. In wastewater applications there may be more than one solvent or unknown solvents so it is necessary to measure the concentration of all flammable gases and vapors in the waste stream atmosphere.

Reads Everything Accurately

The waste stream contains vapors from mixtures of unknown substances. The PrevEx analyzer has the ability to read multiple gases and vapors more accurately than any other sensor in the industry. This is due to its powerful universal calibration feature. This technology provides the ability to accurately measure the concentrations for many different vapors and gases, without recalibration.

Other sensor technologies react differently to different substances and do not have the ability to selectively measure just one substance in the presence of others. They do not accurately indicate the flammable hazard. For these sensor technologies recalibration is necessary when exposed to more than one substance.

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