There’s an old saying about flying small planes, “any landing you walk away from is a good landing” - and in a sense this is true for gas detection, especially in the process industry. Saving lives is the highest priority. Loss of life has become rare, and, in spite of some high profile cases, most years bring fewer accidents and injuries. It might be ironic then, to consider that this progress might make people tend to relax their standards in the belief that somehow everything is going to be OK.

Safety is a lot like piloting: a set of habits developed over time, skills developed over the years, and constant effort to keep in shape. There is no real substitute. Fortunately, even for those presently flying by the seat of their pants, good progress can be made right away. And for those who already try their best to be the best, the knowledge that accidents happen even to the well-prepared should keep them on guard.

Strides made to improve safety reverberate well beyond the protection of life and property. It is deeply entwined with efficiency, energy, and economy. Done well, it becomes a key to survival and success in business.

And so kicks off our 10-week series on Safety...  

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