This summer on InControl we focused on Safety. Beginning with the national safety month, when we discussed how to reduce risk in the industrial workplace and through our summer holidays, when we highlighted safe practices to be taken at home. For the last few weeks we’ve looked at some of the different agencies and organizations that help to set a safety standard, whether it be through policy, approval, investigations, or education.

All of these discussions remind us that operating in a safe industrial environment, while paramount to the health and well being of your employees, is actually a means to creating a sustainable and successful process. 

By properly selecting a gas monitoring system you can lower energy consumption, reduce fuel costs and improve production rates while keeping within the latest safety standards.

To find out more about this concept REGISTER for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday September 10 @ 2pm EDT. We would love to discuss the monitoring technology that will make your process the most profitable and safe.

Enjoy the last long weekend of the summer and as always, be safe. 

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