We've talked about why it's important to use Hydrogen in conjunction with your LFL Analyzer and how Hydrogen has been used commercially for many years with great results, but your still unsure about its use in your plant. There is another option to make you feel even more secure.

Install an area monitor sensor system at the source, to monitor for Hydrogen in the 0-100% LFL range. In some cases a monitoring system can continuously monitor the readings from four independent sensors, can be mounted on the ceiling (hydrogen gas is lighter than air and would rise), and include internal alarm relays that can be used to activate external horns and lights. The sensors are an economical and highly effective way to monitor for Hydrogen, and will provide many years of reliable service. 

In fact, these systems are so reliable they are used in many high tech data centers that house computer systems and battery backup systems that are used to protect computers in the event of power interruption or failure.

To find out more information on Hydrogen leak detection, read our battery room case history.

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