Top 5 Characteristics of an Analyzer for a Flare Stack Application

There are several different technologies available for measuring the heating value in a flare stack including:

  • Gas Chromatography
  • Thermopile
  • Residual Oxygen
  • Micro-Combustion Calorimeter

However it is important to make sure that the technology chosen has the following 5 characteristics:

The Essential Requirements for a Reliable Solvent Vapor Analyzer

Halloween is a time for ghosts, goblins & ghoul... but a really frightening thought would be having an unreliable monitoring system! Here are the essential requirements for a reliable solvent vapor analyzer that will meet NFPA 86 requirements (found in section 11.6.10): 

Not all FIDs are the Same

While flame ionization is the appropriate sensor technology for measuring total hydrocarbon levels in the parts-per- million (PPM) range, not all FIDs are the same.

Here are the top ten characteristics to look for in your FID:

TopTen Questions to Consider When Selecting a Flammability Analyzer

Processes that are monitored for solvent vapor concentrations are typically enclosed, heated spaces that require an active sample drawing system. They have an intentional release of solvent at all times. In fact these processes are often optimized for speed and performance by safely releasing more solvent, not less; as they often operate near legal limits for combustible gas concentrations. This means the precise concentration of solvent vapors must be measured with a high level of accuracy while meeting the standard AND special requirements of a process application.

3 Warning Signs of Dangerous Hazards in Manufacturing

Industrial Hazards are more common than many people think. The big cases get the publicity, but there are many smaller incidents that occur before an extreme case is newsworthy. In the past two years in the USA, there have been a dozen or more newsworthy cases – this begs the question of how many “smaller events” must have happened that did not make the news?

In many cases, since the overall cost of safety is not seen in the bottom line, companies try to cut corners by implementing the minimum acceptable safety standards to “just get by”.

Manufacturing Day 2014

Happy Manufacturing Day! What, you didn't know there was a day devoted to an industry that was once the backbone of our great nation?  Surprise, surprise there is...and there are 1,613 MFG DAY events planned to celebrate it in 2014.

Rely on Safety not your competitor

We are always talking about safety here on the InControl blog. We like to highlight the positive side of following the necessary safety regulations, like protecting your employees and facility, energy savings, and increased productivity, but the harsh reality remains; explosions and fires happen everyday. The damages run the gamut, from the worst case scenerio, the loss of life, to possibly having to rely on a competitor for help.    

Before working with us, one of our customers had a fire on their coil coating production line which temporarily shut them down.

It's a Tough World Out There

“The coil coating marketplace has changed significantly. Extreme economic pressures have resulted in a great deal of consolidation within the industry, and some coaters have failed entirely. Those that remain live in a significantly different competitive environment...”

ICE Asia 2014

We will be exhibiting at ICE Asia 2014 at the Shanghai Mart in Shanghai, China on September 17-19. This year's show for the paper, film, foil and non-wovens converting industry, has some great presentations lined up, from some of the biggest names in the Industry, demonstrating the latest in technology and solutions.

Our booth number is E09, stop by and visit us, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the unique needs of your application!

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Driving your business to innovation and growth

Thank you all for attending our Safety, Savings and Sustainability Webinar. Its always great to take the pulse of the industrial envrionment and engage in healthy discussion about the important issues facing your applications today.