Flammable & combustible liquids are found in virtually every industrial plant. The quantities of these can vary from a few ounces in aerosol cans to several thousand gallons in bulk storage tanks. The principal hazard associated with storage is the accidental discharge or release of the flammable or combustible material into the surrounding area.

Our SmartMaxII system equipped with catalytic or electrochemical sensors is used to continuously monitor storage areas for accidental releases. To maximize area coverage each SmartMaxII system can continuously monitor and control up to 4 independent sensors while displaying multiple systems remotely. It is fully-equipped with all the alarm, display, and output features you need, including on-board relays, 4-20mA output and an RS-485 serial port.

Examples of storage applications include:

  • Natural gas storage tanks
  • Petroleum storage tanks
  • Gas cabinets
  • Ink, paint, chemical & solvent storage
  • Battery storage rooms,
  • Warehouses
  • Loading docks