Our factory repair technicians are available to provide an on-site assessment of factory equipment to be repaired or refurbished. To obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, please call our Service department at 973-575-9114 or complete an RMA request form. Material shipped without an RMA number will not be accepted at our receiving dock.

When you receive an RMA number, the following process should be taken.

1: Provide the following information:

  • Purchase order to repair the equipment
  • Complete billing address
  • Complete return shipping address
  • Complete Contact Information (name, phone number, email)
  • Part number and serial number of equipment being returned
  • Reason the equipment is being returned, including a description of the problem or defect

2: Select a freight method for returning repaired equipment. The standard return freight method is UPS ground. Optional freight methods are: UPS Red, Blue, or Federal Express. Please provide a Federal Express account number if the equipment is to be returned to you by Federal Express. Freight charges for the return of repaired equipment are collect or prepaid and added to the invoice.

3: Pack the equipment very carefully. Use a sturdy container when packing to ensure safety and eliminate damage during shipment. Control Instruments will not accept responsibility for equipment damaged during shipment. Static sensitive electronics, such as circuit boards, must be packed in static-protective bags.

  • Do not use static-producing paper or foam

4: Label the package with the RMA number.

5: Ship the material PREPAID and label in the following way:

Control Instruments Corporation
Attention: Repair Department
RMA# ____
25 Law Drive STE 1
Fairfield, NJ 07004-3295

  • Shipments made from outside the USA should be marked "US-made goods returning".
  • Warranty decisions will be made by the Service Manager after inspection of the returned Material.
  • Repairs performed under warranty are returned from our factory prepaid via UPS Surface.
  • All air and truck return costs as well as non-warranty repairs from our factory will be paid for by the customer.