Chemical and pharmaceutical facilities use a variety of hazardous gases and solvents in their production processes. Whenever these substances are transported, processed or stored, the potential risks are high for hazardous conditions. These substances must be continuously monitored to protect personnel and facilities from accidental releases or leakage. Our various lines of hazardous gas monitoring systems benefit the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the following applications:

  • LFL monitoring in ovens, dryers, and incinerators – PrevEx Flammability Analyzers
  • Combustible, toxic and oxygen monitoring in production and storage areas - SmartMaxII and Gas Sensors
  • Emissions monitoring for total VOC’s or carbon bed breakthrough in pollution control equipment - Flame Ionization Detectors
  • BTU Monitoring for optimum combustion efficiency of flare stacks - CalorVal BTU Analyzer
  • Flammable gas monitoring in relatively clean, low temperature, low concentration, single solvent applications - AcuPro IR Process Analyzer