Q1: How can I order Control Instruments products?

To enter a system order we require a written purchase order made out to Control Instruments Corporation at 25 Law Drive STE 1, Fairfield NJ 07004-3295. The purchase order may be emailed, mailed, or faxed to us at 973-575-0013. The following information will be needed to avoid delays in order entry and processing:

    1. An Application Survey.
    2. A Purchase Order.
    3. Complete Billing address.
    4. Complete Shipping address.
    5. Contact phone number/fax number.
    6. System calibration.
    7. Tax Exempt Number for New Jersey and California.
    8. Shipping method and payment. Prepay and add or account number. Note: System orders are entered (production time is scheduled) once we receive an Application Survey and a Purchase Order (email or fax transmittal are acceptable).

Q2: What methods of payment are accepted?

All invoicing is in US dollars. It is possible to establish a credit account with Control Instruments after the appropriate steps have been taken. Customers without credit approval must furnish payment CIA, COD, or by Letter of Credit. Payment by credit card or wire transfer is also accepted, contact us for details at 973-575-9114.

Q3: Is there a minimum order requirement?

Two hundred dollars ($200.00).

Q4: I’m a new customer, how can I establish a credit account?

To establish a credit account, please provide the following information at the time an order is placed:

  1. Three credit references with contact information (primary contact, phone & fax number).
  2. Bank references with contact information (primary contact, address, and phone number).
  3. Name of the company president or CEO.
  4. Accounts payable primary contact & phone number. If credit cannot be established, the account will remain COD, credit card or check in advance.

Q5: How can I cancel or change my order?

Please contact Control Corporation at 973-575-9114 as soon as possible if an order cancellation or change is necessary. Cancellations and changes to open orders may result in additional charges and changes in delivery.