The Company

The Specialty Chemical Company manufactures a variety of colored, acrylic resins with properties such as impact resistance and excellent optics. The resins are used in lighting applications, tail light lenses and other molded and decorative items.

The Process

Off-gas (methyl methacrylate) from the manufacturing process is collected in a process vent header that feeds a scrubber. The scrubber ultimately cleans the sample more, so it can go to the Vapor Recovery Unit. 

To save money on their steam cycle, the Company decided to continuously monitor their process and add water as needed instead of having a constant water flow.

To do this, they used two infrared analyzers to monitor the %LFL of methyl methacrylate entering the process vent header. If the %LFL reading went above 60, they would add more water/steam to the scrubber to scrub the sample before it went to the Vapor Recovery Unit. 

The Problem

The Customer lost confidence in the infrared analyzers; they were giving inconsistent and unreliable readings. One analyzer was filled with water condensation. The IR technology was not working in this tough, outdoor application. They made the decision to look for a different technology to monitor their process.

The Solution

The Company went to their sister plant that was performing a similar operation and asked for an analyzer recommendation. They recommended the PrevEx Flammability Analyzer because it is a rugged, industrial design that can handle the tough environment. Its high temperature operation keeps all the elements in the vapor state, eliminating clogging and sample condensation. Additional features that added to the selection of the PrevEx included: fast response, easy calibration, low maintenance and failsafe operation.

Since this successful installation, the Company has been using PrevEx analyzers worldwide for various applications.

SIC Code

  • 2812: Alkalies & Chlorine


  • 325180: Other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing