The Customer

The Company is a world leader in combustion technology. They design and manufacture burners for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Process

After the burners have been manufactured they must be tested to meet the standards of BTS-2000. This standard specifies the methods procedures for determining the performance and efficiency of the burners for use in commercial boilers with inputs greater than 300MBh.

The Problem

The burners weren’t meeting the testing standards. Through examination it was determined that the problem was with the fuel quality. To prove this out and retain their customers’ confidence in their burners, they decided to measure the BTU values of their propane and/or methane fuel supply lines to several of their burners. Their sister company was using a Gas Chromatograph for BTU measurement but they wanted an analyzer that was not only accurate but gave quick response and real time readings as well.

The Solution

The Company did a thorough investigation of the BTU monitoring technologies available before purchasing the CalorVal BTU Calorific Analyzer. They chose the CalorVal because it provides an accurate and continuous measurement of the BTU content in real time mode. In addition, the CalorVal is a rugged industrial design offering fast response, operating simplicity and the necessary approvals. With the CalorVal installed and a third party audit completed the Company passed all the necessary tests. They will continue to use the CalorVal to monitor their fuel quality and recommend their customers to do this as well.