The Customer

The Company is a worldwide manufacturer of pressure sensitive print media and mounting films.

The Process

The Company was utilizing a three zone dryer. A 65” web of film, vinyl, cloth or adhesive is treated with coatings using mixtures of alcohols, MEK & acetone. The solvents are evaporated off, collected and then directed to an RTO for destruction. 

The Challenge

The solvent flammability concentrations in the dryer zones can vary up to 40% LFL. Safety and fire codes outline the design specification for the safe operation of solvent ovens & dryers. The codes limit the maximum solvent concentration allowable to 25% LFL under worst conditions. If the LFL exceeds 25% LFL continuous solvent vapor monitors must be used. They chose to install flammability analyzers to continuously monitor and protect the dryer zones. 

In addition they also wanted to monitor the flammability of the process exhaust stream going into their oxidizer to protect it from reaching hazardous LFL levels.

The Solution

After some investigation and education on the applicable NFPA codes, the Company chose to install PrevEx Flammability Analyzers on their dryer zones and their RTO for it’s impressive features:

  • provide independent zone control, quicker response time, on-board diagnostics for predictive PM and troubleshooting, automatic calibration, and automatic ignition in case of flameouts
  • give consistent and reliable readings when faced with multiple or changing solvent concentrations, because they use a mixture of solvents in their process 
  • fully heated to keep all the elements in the dryer atmosphere in the vapor state eliminating clogging and sample condensation

With the installation of the PrevEx analyzers the Company is not only operating safely, but have optimized their RTO efficiency and lowered their energy costs.

They have added two new coating lines and an RTO, equipping them all with PrevEx Flammability Analyzers.

SIC Code

  • 26720201: Adhesive backed films, foams & foils


  • 322220: Paper Bag & Coated & Treated Paper Mfg