The Customer

The Company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of chemicals. It produces ingredients for several markets: performance products (paper, personal care, and pharma chemicals), functional solutions (catalysts, industrial coatings, and construction chemicals), agricultural (fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides) and chemicals (inorganics, petrochemicals, and intermediate products).

The Process

Film is coated with a mixture of solvents and resins. The web travels through a drying oven where the solvents are evaporated off. Solvent laden air is collected and sent to an oxidizer for destruction.
The coated film is further processed, metallized, stripped and reduced to its final product.

The Challenge

The Company wanted to monitor the flammability of the drying oven to prevent a buildup of flammable solvent vapors that could cause an explosion. They needed an analyzer that could handle the resins present in the sampling atmosphere. These resins could condense out and cause clogging if not kept in the vapor state. Clogging issues increase downtime and maintenance costs.

The Solution

The Company chose to install PrevEx Flammability Analyzers on the drying oven. These analyzers are fully heated to keep all the elements of the dryer atmosphere, including the resins, in the vapor state eliminating clogging and sample condensation. They are industrial strength analyzers that feature fast response, failsafe operation, low maintenance and easy servicing.

SIC Code

  • 2865: Cyclic Organic Crudes and Intermediates and Organic Dyes and Pigments


  • 325132: Synthetic Organic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing