The Customer

The Company is a leading supplier of industrial packaging equipment and services to packaging manufacturers around the world. They have continually improved on their knowledge of their customer’s process in order to provide them with the most productive and profitable solutions.

The Challenge

The Company was tasked with the goal of helping their Customers identify and implement energy savings opportunities while achieving maximum efficiency of their printing operation as well as maintaining safety.

They developed a program to upgrade their customer’s existing equipment with the minimum amount of modifications but offering them the benefits of increased productivity, sustainability, safety and product quality.

One of the modifications to reduce energy consumption was to upgrade the LFL monitoring equipment. This improvement would allow them to automate their damper control for increased solvent exhaust levels. 

They wanted to work with an LFL Monitoring supplier that provided a complete line of technology that was of high quality offering both reliability and flexibility for their customer’s various operating conditions.

The Solution

After a thorough investigation, the Company selected Control Instruments’ PrevEx Flammability Analyzers to meet their LFL monitoring needs.

These analyzers give consistent and reliable readings with multiple and changing solvents and run at temperatures high enough to keep all the dryer atmosphere elements in the vapor state eliminating clogging and sample condensation. Unlike infrared or catalytic sensors, they are not susceptible to fouling, coating or poisoning by resins or any other plasticizer or silicones. The analyzers feature fast response, failsafe operation, low maintenance and easy servicing. They meet all current safety codes and directives.

The Company has since standardized on Control Instruments and its products due to their application expertise, flexibility and commitment to finding the best solution for the customer’s specific needs.

SIC Code

  • 50840905: Packaging Machinery & Equipment


  • 423830: Industrial Machinery & Equipment Merchant Wholesalers