The Customer

This company is a leading manufacturer of polymer based textiles which are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Process

The customer has a single-solvent process that uses MEK. If this process has a leak, the leakage is diverted into an oxidizer for destruction. Leakage levels must be kept BELOW 5% LFL to optimize the process, save product and reduce operating costs.

To accomplish this continuous monitoring of MEK levels is required.

The Problem

The company had been using an MSA IR detector for their MEK monitoring. This detection system consisted of a pump and a flow switch for proof-of-flow. The customer was experiencing many maintenance problems with the system: pump failure, flow switch failure and constant re-calibration. They were looking for a product with a more robust sampling system. In addition, when the sensor was saturated with MEK, it did not recover properly causing an additional loss of confidence in the readings.

The Solution

The customer wanted to stay with IR technology because their process only used a single solvent and also because IR technology requires no fuel for operation. The customer purchased the AcuPro Infrared Process Analyzer due to its streamlined sample delivery system which provides a controlled sample for accurate readings with no pump needed. Its heated and mirrorless optical cell design reduces the effects of contamination and eliminates surfaces that become dirty and fog. All of these features create an environment where accurate readings can be obtained and ultimately reduce maintenance and downtime.

Analyzer Placement

The sensor is mounted directly on the process to get the best representative sample, with the fastest response time. The sample probe is placed in the duct for complete “duct-mounting”.

SIC Codes

  • 2211: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton
  • 2221: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade Fiber and Silk
  • 2231: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (Including Dyeing and Finishing)


  • 313210: Broadwoven Fabric Mills 313310: Textile and Fabric Finishing 314110: Carpet and Rug Mills