The Customer

The Company is a worldwide manufacturer of advanced specialty materials for filtration, battery & industrial applications. Some of the industries they serve include transportation, indoor air quality, apparel, home furnishings and industrial manufacturing.

The Process

Cellulose and synthetic fibers are dispersed in water, formed into sheets and heated in a dryer. The sheets are then coated with a solution of methanol, acetone and phenolic resins, dried and converted into small rolls for shipment.

The Problem

The Company was using Infrared Analyzers to monitor the %LFL in the dryer stream that removes the solvents from the coated sheet. The constituents of the process fouled the IR lens causing inaccurate readings and they had an explosion. They made the decision to look for a different technology to monitor their process.

The Solution

The Company went to their sister company who was performing the same operation and asked for an analyzer recommendation. They recommended the PrevEx SNR674 Flammability Analyzer because it is a rugged, industrial design that can handle their tough environment. Unlike infrared analyzers, the PrevEx analyzer is not susceptible to coating or poisoning by resins or any other plasticizers or silicones. It gives consistent and reliable readings with multiple solvents and runs at a temperature high enough to keep all the dryer atmosphere elements in the vapor state eliminating clogging and sample condensation. In addition, the analyzer features fast response, failsafe operation, low maintenance and easy servicing. The Company has been successfully adding these analyzers in their plants worldwide.

SIC Code

  • 2399 Fabricated Textile Products


  • 424130 Industrial and Personal Service Paper Merchant Wholesalers