The Company

The Specialty Chemical Company manufactures pure resins that have exceptional optical clarity, weather resistance and flexibility. The resins are used in many markets including signs, lighting and store fixtures.

The Process

Discharge from the resin manufacturing process is collected and sent to a wastewater collection pit. The atmosphere of the collection pit is continuously monitored with LFL infrared sensors for parts per million levels of methyl methacrylate and ethyl ethacrylate to confirm that the wastewater is safe to release.  When the ppm levels increase they shut off the inlet valve.  

The Challenge

The Company was looking to replace their LFL infrared sensors with a more rugged product to read ppm levels. The LFL infrared sensor’s scale was too high to detect the low ppm levels they needed.  


The Company reached out to Control Instruments for other monitoring technologies available.

They decided on the Model SNR650, Flame Ionization Detector. It is an industrial strength design that measures total hydrocarbons and VOCs in the low parts per million range. The SNR650 is a high temperature unit that mounts directly onto the process ductwork, eliminating sample handling problems and resulting in fast and easy installation, low maintenance, less downtime, high reliability and very fast total system response time.

It was a successful installation and on at least two occasions helped the Customer identify upstream process issues.

  • SIC Code 5169: Chemicals and Allied Products, Not Elsewhere Classified.
  • NAICS Code: 424690: Other Chemical and Allied Products