Reducing Costs with Safety Ventilation

Energy is a significant cost of production. As energy costs rise, it becomes more difficult to pass on the increases to customers in the price of products and services. Regardless of current energy costs and trends, an energy-efficient process is more competitive. 

However, for any cost savings to be obtained SAFELY, the analyzer must be used properly. 

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Protect your Personnel and your Product

Even if your oven is designed for maximum load conditions, you still need protection against explosions. Often an atmosphere contains many different solvents and other materials, like resins. This requires an analyzer that when calibrated remains accurate for all constituents in the sample, not to mention runs at high temperatures.

Global Commitment to Energy Reduction

The Global Energy Trends are showing a commitment to energy reduction!

BP's Statistical Review has provided timely and objective data about energy economics since 1951. This year at the 62nd BP Statistical Review of World Energy, they reported that in 2012, global energy consumption growth slowed to 1.8%, impacted by improved energy efficiency around the world, "The world's energy markets were driven by diverse events—including the ongoing decline of nuclear power output in Japan, the recovery of production in Libya, and rising shale development in North America".