Safety:The Highest Priority

There’s an old saying about flying small planes, “any landing you walk away from is a good landing” - and in a sense this is true for gas detection, especially in the process industry. Saving lives is the highest priority. Loss of life has become rare, and, in spite of some high profile cases, most years bring fewer accidents and injuries. It might be ironic then, to consider that this progress might make people tend to relax their standards in the belief that somehow everything is going to be OK.

2014 Safety Award for High Excellence

The marketplace is demanding that companies be sustainable; and they should only be considered sustainable if they protect their most important asset: their people.

Keeping personnel and facilities SAFE is Control Instruments’ #1 goal. Our company was founded all those years ago because of it. We care that much about it. Productivity, sustainability, and energy savings all ultimately begins & ends with keeping our customers, and their people safe.