New Application Note: Using a Calorimeter to Measure Heating Value in Flare Stacks

In the industrial environment proper flare stack design is essential to handle multiple waste streams for maximum destruction performance with minimum emissions. Since destruction efficiency and emissions are important criteria to consider when designing a flare, when the design is done correctly, dramatic operating savings will also be realized.

Key Challenges of Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment

Publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) collect wastewater from municipal, commercial and industrial facilities, transport it through a series of contributor pipes, known as a collection system, and deliver it to the treatment plant.

Regulations prohibit these facilities from discharging flammable or explosive wastes from their processes into the liquid collection system. In addition to fire and explosion hazards, these wastes can affect the efficient and effective operation of the treatment facility. 

Rugged Durable Construction in Wastewater Treatment

Last week we talked about the 3 Key Challenges of Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment. Let's address the first one:

  1. High moisture and humidity can promote corrosion, contamination and clogging that can lead to unreliable readings.

How can the right monitoring system combat these issues? Heat & a simple flow system.