Best Practices for Designing an HMI

When designing the software for our newest accessory, the multi channel operator interface, John, the Manager of our Engineering Department took a few best practices into consideration:

Dynamic Duo: LFL + HMI

To continue our discussion on the benefits of having an accessory in place to digitally communicate with your LFL system let's welcome a guest blogger, Debra Hall, our Director of Sales:     

Digitally Communicate with your LFL System

In today's world communication is always at the touch of a button. It's important that the same can be said for the safety system in your facility. One of the great new features of our newest accessory, the multi-channel operator interface, is the enhancement in digital communication.

Introducing... Our Newest Accessory

Multi Channel Operator Interface

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the Control Instruments family of products... our Multi Channel Operator Interface. Not only does this accessory feature the latest in digital communication but it will also help to keep your analyzer platforms up-to-date.

Some additional functions include: