Application Spotlight: Oxidizers

A thermal oxidizer combusts hazardous gases at high temperatures for air pollution control. They are used to destroy the VOC's present in many industrial ventilation, process exhaust and waste air streams.

Just as its name suggests, a "thermal" "oxidizer" HEATS the VOC’s and other volatile emissions to a certain temperature until they are OXIDIZED. This process breaks down these harmful particulates into water and carbon dioxide (CO2). Thermal oxidizers are very effective, with a more than 99% destructive rate, and are ideal for high concentration VOC applications.

Keeping your Oxidizer Safe

The inlet streams of most oxidizers contain a mixture of VOC's in differing proportions and concentrations, some even process streams of unknown content. These variations can have solvent loads that change rapidly in a matter of minutes; danger is present when the stream suddenly gets rich enough to ignite or explode. To stay safe and prevent this from happening a flammability analyzer is necessary.

Saving Energy on your Oxidizer

When the appropriate analyzer is installed on your oxidizer, energy efficiencies increase, productivity can be optimized and energy saved.

Installed at the outlet of the oxidizer, ensures that emission levels are not exceeded into the atmosphere. Futhermore, by monitoring at the inlet AND outlet of the oxidizer, hydrocarbons can be measured and compared before and after processing, indicating efficiency.