We've been talking about the 3 Key Challenges of Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment. Last week we addressed the first one, this week let's focus on the second:

  • Poisons and corrosive materials present in the waste stream reduce sensitivity and render many combustible gas sensors inactive.

Waste streams contain compounds that will contaminate or poison some sensors. Chlorinated or sulfur-based compounds, for example, will poison catalytic sensors and render resultant readings inaccurate. Condensate and particulate can foul the optics of infrared sensors. In many cases there is no indication that the sensors have failed. 

So what type of sensor can handle these harsh conditions? A flammability Analyzer.

The PrevEx Flammability Analyzer is designed to handle these conditions. Its technology is based on a sensing flame that continuously burns the sample and any poisons or corrosives present. It is also constructed of stainless steel and hard-coated aluminum components with superior corrosion resistance.

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