Coil coating line managers report that they experience three basic problems in solvent vapor monitoring, last week we looked at maintenance issues, this week the focus is on accuracy: 

Sensor accuracy is a problem. Because most analyzers have a wide solvent response factor, they must be checked and adjusted whenever there is a change in the solvents or coatings being run. 

Solvents are typically vaporized in the early oven zones. At the same time, however, other materials are also vaporized: resins, plasticizers, additives, and other compounds. Most analyzers are inaccurate when monitoring these varying types of solvents or coatings. The operator is then faced with two unpleasant choices:

  1. take the time to re-calibrate whenever solvents are changed
  2. calibrate to hardest to read solvent

Neither of these options are acceptable, they can result in exaggerated readings and cause unnecessary process shutdowns.

So what's the right option? A flame temperature analzyer.

Our PrevEx Flammability Analzyers employ two unique features to help provide you with the most accuate results possible:

  • Universal Calibration - Unlike infrared and flame ionization designs that require response recalibration or correction when solvents are changed, the PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer gives close - to - linear response for a wide range of solvents. This feature is particularly efficient in coil coating where solvent mixtures can change as different products are manufactured. 
  • Fail Safe Operation - The PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer incorporates several fail-safe features designed to ensure perfect safety under all conditions. The inherent design of the sensing flame technology is that the flame must always be on and the system working properly or an alarm is given. Whether it is a loss of fuel, air, sample flow or power, a malfunction relay is automatically tripped and the operator is notified immediately of a status change. By contrast, indirect sensing systems can fail yet still register normal operation.

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