As we talked about last week, continuous monitoring of the waste stream is necessary to identify the minimum heating value (which also helps determine if it can be used as a standalone fuel source) and ensure proper combustion efficiency.

A micro-combustion calorimeter, checks off all these boxes, it’s the ideal choice for this rigorous environment:  

  • Continuous & direct measurement of heating value, not a batch sample
  • Mounts at the base of the flare eliminating long & expensive heated sample lines and the need for a pump or other sample conditioning components
  • Fast response time allows for quick response to the flare stack heating value and adjust its fuel source as needed
  • Gives a uniform response to a wide range of combustible gases & vapors commonly found in waste gas streams
  • Fully heated assembly prevents condensation, ensuring that all combustible vapors are properly measured, eliminating inaccurate readings
  • Not susceptible to flameouts or pressurized systems
  • Compact, lightweight design (no shelter required)

In the chemical process environment proper flare stack design is essential to handle multiple waste streams, for maximum destruction performance with minimum emissions. When this criteria is met & the design is done correctly, dramatic operating savings can also be achieved.

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