Control Instruments Corporation has named their Model 690 BTU Analyzer, the CalorVal BTU Analyzer. The change, complete with a new look & logo, is part of the company’s overall strategy to create brand awareness, while continuing to offer the customer a complete line of gas detection equipment & technologies appropriate for many different applications.

The new name, CalorVal, exemplifies the analyzer’s ability to directly measure the Calorific Value of gases while providing a uniform response to a wide variety of combustibles. It’s economical, fully-heated, with an air aspirator driven assembly that comes complete and ready to install. Its industrial-strength design allows quick and reliable monitoring & control of waste gas streams and advanced combustion equipment.

Our BTU Analyzer employs a unique theory of operation, a carefully metered flame burns at a constant reference temperature inside an explosion proof measuring cell. A sample, drawn from the atmosphere to be monitored, is passed through the flame cell. A thermocouple measures changes in flame temperature. An increase in temperature is directly proportional to the Calorific Value (BTU).

Features and Benefits of the CalorVal:

  • Compact standalone system - integrated controller and sampling system
  • Fast response time < 4 seconds
  • Failsafe system design
  • Not poisoned by process contaminants, water, corrosives, organo-metallics
  • Includes state-of-the-art electronics plus full complement of relays
  • Class 1 Div 1 Flame Cell
  • Advanced self-diagnostics
  • Indoor and outdoor options

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