Control Instruments’ Products do more than keep your facility and employees safe, installation can help with rising fuel and energy costs, while complying with the necessary codes & regulations.

By implementing some of our products within your process heating operations, you too can cost-effectively reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and costs while increasing economic viability:

  • The installation of our PrevEx Flammability Analyzer allows for several money-saving steps, including the ability to effectively automate damper controls and reduce the costs of owning and operating ovens & dryers by as much as 50%. In addition, since the PrevEx is a continuous solvent vapor analyzer, you can reduce their ventilation rate and lower energy consumption which ultimately saves money on fuel costs.
  • Our CalorVal BTU Analyzer can also help achieve energy reduction goals by continuously monitoring waste streams to identify the minimum heating value and ensure proper combustion efficiency, resulting in significant savings on natural gas costs.

To find out more about how control instruments can help you identify the critical steps necessary to becoming more energy efficient, call us at 973.575.9114.

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