In the industrial environment proper flare stack design is essential to handle multiple waste streams for maximum destruction performance with minimum emissions. Since destruction efficiency and emissions are important criteria to consider when designing a flare, when the design is done correctly, dramatic operating savings will also be realized.

Waste streams are collected from the different processes and sent to the flare stack for destruction. Continuous monitoring of the waste stream is necessary to identify the minimum heating value and ensure proper combustion efficiency. In addition, by identifying the minimum heating value it can be determined whether the waste stream can be used as a standalone fuel source.

Because of its unique construction and operating technology, our micro combustion calorimeter, the CalorVal BTU Analyzer, is the optimum analyzer for directly measuring the heating value of varying waste gas streams for flare stack applications for these 3 key reasons:

  1. Mounts at the Base of the Flare
  2. Fully Heated Assembly/Simple Flow System
  3. Direct Measurement/Universal Response

Read our newest application note to find out more details about how our rugged and reliable calorimeter withstands the rigors of the flare stack environment.

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