Regulations require the chemical industry to continuously monitor VOC emissions and report their compliance status. VOC abatement systems are used to bring exhaust emissions in line with those regulations. Carbon adsorption beds are frequently used in chemical production to control VOC’s by capturing and recycling solvents.

Flame Ionization Detectors (FIDs) are used to monitor the carbon bed exhausts for solvent breakthrough and to control the switching of the carbon beds when they have become saturated.

  • They improve the effectiveness of the carbon bed system in terms of the quantity of solvent recovered, reduced emissions, improved bed cycling and lower steam regeneration costs.

Our FID's measure the emissions of total hydrocarbons and VOC’s in the parts per million range & have the following features ideal for this application:

  1. Fast: Near 1-second response time
  2. Direct Mount: Eliminates heat-traced sample lines
  3. Reliable: Integrated air-aspirated sampling system does not require pumps
  4. Industrial Design: Rugged assembly suitable for continuous use in harsh environments

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