energy of fuel

It is becoming necessary to measure the energy of fuels formed by complex mixtures of combustible and non-combustible gases and vapors that vary in concentration or composition over time due to changing conditions. Since many fuel mixtures contain a variety of combustible gases and vapors it is important to consider the response of the analyzer to each component. 

In an ideal analyzer, all response factors should be identical. In practice, no analyzer is ideal, but it is possible to have response factors close enough to minimize errors. Because it actually burns a sample to determine the calorific value, a micro combustion calorimeter, like the CalorVal, is a direct measurement, and therefore has good response factors.

  • In addition the CalorVal has a fast response time so it can quickly respond and activate controls for the optimization of gas-blending.
  • Applications include flare stacks, bio-fuels, turbine engines, and feed-forward control.

Read our white paper to find some key points to consider when designing a system for continuous monitoring of the calorific value of mixed gaseous fuels.

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