Last week we talked about the 3 Key Challenges of Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment. Let's address the first one:

  1. High moisture and humidity can promote corrosion, contamination and clogging that can lead to unreliable readings.

How can the right monitoring system combat these issues? Heat & a simple flow system.

The PrevEx Flammability Analyzer draws its sample from the vapor space of the waste stream. Its fully heated sample train is corrosion resistant and delivers a representative sample for measurement. The heat eliminates condensation and clogging. 

The analyzer further avoids condensation and maintenance problems through its simple flow system. It has no pumps, diaphragms or other moving parts that can fail. The sample probe mounts in the head space above the effluent of the sewer lines and is designed to prevent water from being pulled into the analyzer.

These attributes are important to accurately monitoring this application; other sensor types can corrode over time when exposed to the high moisture and caustic reagents in the waste sewer atmosphere.

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