This month's Safety E-Book topic highlight is: Eliminating Hazards. 

Three elements must be present for a flammable hazard to exist: fuel, oxygen, and a source of ignition. If any one of these elements is lacking, it is not possible to have a fire, which is why safety experts study ways to eliminate one of them.

The best way to control flammable gas or vapor hazards is to keep the level of fuel below the flammable level. Continuous monitoring of gas and vapor levels provides the early warning needed to correct dangerous situations.

This method works in the two basic types of applications: monitoring for leaks in areas where gases are not normally present; and monitoring for rising concentrations in processes where some flammable gas or vapor is always present.

Trying to remove oxygen sources (inerting) or attempting to eliminate all sources of ignition is NOT a safe or reliable way to reduce flammable hazards.


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