There are 3 problems that constantly arise in coil coating applications that the installation of a solvent vapor monitoring system can solve:

  1. Maintenance: Sample lines clog, pumps break down, and analyzer elements become fouled - all resulting in excessive labor and costly downtime.
  2. Sensor Accuracy: Because most analyzers have a wide solvent response factor, they must be checked and adjusted whenever there is a change in the solvents or coatings being run.
  3. Response Time: Hindered by external sample lines and remote analyzers

So what kind of system can solve ALL of them? A solvent vapor monitoring system that operates at a high temperature, has no external samples lines or moving parts, and offers intelligent predictive maintenance alerts.

Our PrevEx® Flammability Analyzers do just that:

  • Excellent in High Temperature Processes - The PrevEx’s operating temperature is high enough to keep all oven atmosphere elements in the vapor state
  • Simple Flow System Prevents Maintenance Issues - The analyzer further avoids condensation and maintenance problems through its simple flow system, which has no capillaries that can clog or pumps that can fail. It also mounts directly on the oven wall or exhaust duct without external sample lines.
  • Efficient Operation Reduces Maintenance - The PrevEx is a complete stand-alone LFL system, that’s easily operated and maintained. It features predictive maintenance, a “service needed” message and relay contact, which anticipates the need for maintenance before faults occur. 
  • Universal Calibration - Unlike infrared and flame ionization designs that require response recalibration or correction when solvents are changed, the PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer gives close - to - linear response for a wide range of solvents. 
  • Fail Safe Operation - The PrevEx® Flammability Analyzer incorporates several fail-safe features designed to ensure perfect safety under all conditions. The inherent design of the sensing flame technology is that the flame must always be on and the system working properly or an alarm is given. 
  • Fastest Response - Our PrevEx Flammability Analyzer mounts directly on the process duct without heat trace sample lines, pumps, or blowers, it shortens the sample path significantly. This radically reduces sample delivery time to an industry best, 1-second response time.

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