Industrial Smokestack

The discussion continues with even more applications in which the CalorVal can be used: 


A manufacturer of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides wanted to analyze the waste gases for feed-forward control of their Vent Gas Combustor (VCG) system. This application requires measuring oxygen, flow and the total heating value of the waste gas stream, upstream of the VCG. These measurements were needed to provide the data necessary to control the fuel/air mixture for total combustion. To optimize this feed forward control loop, accuracy and response time were critical. 

The CalorVal BTU Analyzer was chosen because it would provide near real-time total BTU/calorific value because the components in the vent gas collection system varied so widely based on upstream manufacturing processes. In addition to its rugged industrial design, fast response and operating simplicity, the CalorVal offered the ability to accurately and continuously measure the direct BTU content of the varying waste gas stream. Read More


After burners have been manufactured they must be tested to meet the standards of BTS-2000. This standard specifies the methods procedures for determining the performance and efficiency of the burners for use in commercial boilers with inputs greater than 300MBh.

For this customer, the burners weren’t meeting the testing standards. Through examination it was determined that the problem was with the fuel quality. To prove this out and retain their customers’ confidence in their burners, they decided to measure the BTU values of their propane and/or methane fuel supply lines to several of their burners. They did a thorough investigation of the BTU monitoring technologies available before purchasing the CalorVal BTU Calorific Analyzer. They chose the CalorVal because it provides an accurate and continuous measurement of the BTU content in real time mode. Read More.


This specialty chemical Company planned to use a real‐time continuous BTU analyzer to read the lower heating value of their waste stream going into their flare. The intent would be to inject natural gas into the flare gas stream if the heating value of the waste stream were to drop below 350 BTU/scf to keep the flare operating >98% destruction efficiency.

The CalorVal BTU Analyzer was used to monitor the lower heating value of their varying waste stream accurately and quickly in order to be used in their control scheme to inject natural gas as necessary according to EPA’s CFR 60.18. This analyzer is a stand‐alone, fully‐ heated analyzer that keeps all VOCs and water in vapor form providing for the most accurate BTU measurements while eliminating problems due to corrosion. They found that their waste gas is typically ~ 600 BTU/scf, which means that they do not need to use any natural gas to keep their flare operating! They are sustaining their flare from their own process gases. Read More.

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