We discussed safety and sustainability for the past few weeks; safety, savings, and compliance. Let's look at how these sustainable practices are put to use in real life applications.


A carbon component supplier had a plant safety audit done and it was brought to their attention that they had nothing on their ovens to protect against explosions. A number of requirements led them to the PrevEx.

  • It remains accurate for all constituents in a sample, it runs at a temperature high enough to keep all the oven atmosphere elements in the vapor state, and it can be integrated into an existing Process Oven Control System. Installing the PrevEx analyzers, made the company safer but also helps them better utilize their ovens. 

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A printing press was looking to reduce ventilation air and fuel costs without affecting production rates or violating the NFPA safety directives. They were using large amounts of heated air to ventilate the dryers to keep the solvent vapor concentration below 25% LFL as directed by the NPFA codes. However, the codes allow a substantial reduction in air in cases where a continuous solvent vapor analyzer is installed. When such instruments are installed to continuously sample the exhaust of a dryer zone, the vapor concentration in that zone is allowed to rise as high as 50% LFL.

  • By installing PrevEx Flammability Analyzers on their dryers they could run above 25%LFL, which allowed for reduced costs while maintaining safety and production levels. 

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Energy and Cost Savings

A package printing OEM was tasked with the goal of helping their customers identify and implement energy savings opportunities while achieving maximum efficiency of their printing operation as well as maintaining safety. They developed a program to upgrade their customer’s existing equipment with the minimum amount of modifications but offering them the benefits of increased productivity, sustainability, safety and product quality.One of the modifications to reduce energy consumption was to upgrade the LFL monitoring equipment. This improvement would allow them to automate their damper control for increased solvent exhaust levels. 

  • They chose PrevEx Flammability Analyzers because they give consistent and reliable readings with multiple and changing solvents and run at temperatures high enough to keep all the dryer atmosphere elements in the vapor state. 

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