Product Spotlight: Using the CalorVal to Measure Heating Value

It is becoming increasingly important to save energy while reducing harmful emissions when using a pollution control device such as a flare stack. In Refineries and Chemical Plants, proper flare stack design is essential to handle multiple waste streams for maximum destruction performance with minimum emissions.  Since destruction efficiency and emissions are important criteria to consider when designing a flare, when the design is done correctly, dramatic operating savings will also be realized.  

Product Spotlight: CalorVal Continuously Monitors Mixed Gaseous Fuels

It is becoming necessary to measure the energy of fuels formed by complex mixtures of combustible and non-combustible gases and vapors that vary in concentration or composition over time due to changing conditions. Since many fuel mixtures contain a variety of combustible gases and vapors it is important to consider the response of the analyzer to each component. 

Protecting Lives While Maximizing Profits

Every year excessive increases in LFL levels result in severe plant damage, extended downtime, injuries, and even death to personnel. Using the correct analyzer to monitor the LFL level in the process can greatly reduce these risks and help comply with standards and regulations.

The appropriate LFL monitor will protect plant & personnel, comply with relevant codes & standards, AND can also increase the profitability of a production process. Choosing the right LFL monitor may take time and effort, but the benefits to a company and it‘s employees are more than worth it.